Run computer without mouse? How to Use Keyboard as a Mouse

Friends mouse is an Input Device , in computer the mouse is used to input data and to give commands , in laptop instead of mouse Touchpad is used but you can use mouse by connecting mouse separately in Laptop too, Can for data input and command.

To reduce the use of mouse, we use Computer Shortcut Key , so that we can do maximum work and save our time by using minimum mouse. But even after using the shortcut, we still need the mouse.

But what if our mouse gets damaged, we do not have a mouse, now you must be wondering how to run a computer without a mouse (Run a Computer Without a Mouse ) . If you are a little knowledgeable about computers, then you must know that all the functions of the computer can be controlled by the computer keyboard, as well as data can be input and commands can also be given to the computer.

Run computer without mouse
Run computer without mouse? How to Use Keyboard as a Mouse 3

Now to use a computer or laptop without a mouse, you just have to be a little smart, for this you have to understand the function of all the keys on the keyboard, although using some keys on the computer, we can move the Curser up, down like a mouse. , Right, Left can do Computer Task. Let us know in detail the trick of running the computer without using the mouse.

Run computer without mouse? How to Use Keyboard as a Mouse 4


Often we either use the scroll button of the mouse to move up, down, right or left in the computer, or we use the Curser Key, in the absence of a mouse, you can use the 8, 2 , 4, 6 can be used to move up, down, right, left.

But to use this 8, 2, 4, 6 of the computer keyboard as a Curser, you have to turn off the Num Lock on the Numerical Pad of the keyboard. Num Lock’s button is above the numeric keypad only.

When Num Lock is On, then pressing 8, 2, 4, 6 works like a number, but after Num Lock Off, 8, 2, 4, 6 starts working as Curser. By using this computer trick, you can control Curser in Game, Application, or any Web Browser. Apart from this, more numbers of the numeric keypad of the keyboard can be used in this way.

Numerical keyUse of Numerical key
1Down and to the left
3Down and to the right
8Up and to the left
9Up and to the right


To make Mouse Pointer from Keyboard, by making some changes in the setting of your computer, you can operate your computer without mouse, let us know about it in detail.

  1. You have to sign in your computer or laptop as an administrator.
  2. Now click on Start Button
  3. Now click on Control Panel option
  4. Here you click on the option of Ease of Access
  5. Ease Of Access Center > Make The Mouse Easier To Use on Click now
  6. Now you have to turn on Mouse Keys
  7. After making this setting, the mouse pointer of your computer or laptop can now be controlled from the Key Board.
  8. First of all, you have to Sign In as an Administrator on your Desk Top,
  9. There you have to click on Start Button, there you will see the option of Control Panel, you have to click on it,
  10. When you go to Control Panel, you will see the option of Ease of Access, you just have to click on that option.
  11. When you reach Ease Of Access, you have to click on Ease Of Access Center >> Make The Mouse Easier To Use there and then turn on Mouse Keys there. Just your mouse pointer can now be controlled from the Key Board.


Today many technologies like Hand Guesture, Voice command have come. With the help of which more work can be done in less time by using less mouse. Google ‘s Voice command is an example of such technology. But you can save the time spent on the mouse by using the computer shortcut key to do the daily tasks done on the computer.

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