CGPA Full Form – What is CGPA and how to extract

A student’s overall academic performance is gauged using the CGPA, a method of educational grading used in schools and colleges. In CGPA, students are given in the form of Grades, A, B, C, D, E, F. Although many people will not have complete knowledge about CGPA Full Form , what is CGPA and how to extract it, so here we have told you about it in detail.

Beginning of CGPA Grading System A few years ago, CBSE introduced a new Grading System “CGPA” to eliminate the 100 number system. CBSE’s objective behind starting this new system was that instead of marks, students should be given grades on the basis of their overall merit. So that it can eliminate the inferiority complex among the students.

CGPA Full Form – What is CGPA and how to extract
CGPA Full Form – What is CGPA and how to extract 2

Many teachers believe that there are many students who pass some subject by rote and also top it. But the overall performance of the students cannot be judged by that, that is why nowadays most of the schools and colleges use CGPA grading system, in which grades are given instead of marks in the exam results.

If you want to know,how to get that CGPA and how to get SGPA, then we have further told you about it, as well as what is CGPA Full Form and Difference Between CGPA and SGPA in .

What is CGPA

CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is an education grading system, which is used nowadays in all schools and colleges to measure the overall academic performance of students, with the calculation of CGPA, students are given (A, B, C, D, E, F) grades are given. CGPA is calculated by adding the grade points of all the main subjects of a student, the sum is divided by the number of subjects, and the final average obtained is the CGPA.

The method of giving CGPA varies from country to country, but in India, grading of CGPA is done on Percentage Base. Nowadays all the results that come are extracted through CGPA only. Normally Average Method is used to calculate CGPA. Students learn about their weak areas through their CGPA.

CGPA Full Form

CGPA Full Form or Means is  Cumulative Grade Point Average  which is called  Average Grade Point  in .

C – Cumulative

G – Grade

P – Point

A – Average

  • CGPA Meaning in – Average Grade Point

You must have known that what is CGPA, let us now know further that How to Calculate CGPA about it.

CGPA Grading System

In Cumulative Grade Point (CGPA), a certain grade has been set for each score, which we can understand as –

90-100%O or A+Outstanding
70-89%AFirst Class
50-69%B+Second Class
Below 39%FFail

How to get CGPA

To extract the CPGA, first of all the numbers of all the subjects of the student are added and divide it by the Number of Subject. Suppose a student has 5 subjects, then first of all add all the marks obtained from all the five subjects and divide it by 5, from which CGPA will come out. You can also understand the calculation of CGPA from the example given below.

Step 1. Your topic.

Suppose your grades in five subjects are like this.

  • Subject – 1:8
  • Subject – 2:9
  • Subject – 3:7
  • Subject – 4:10
  • Subject – 5:10

Step 2. Then add Subject Grade Point.

First of all add the grade points of all your subjects.

8+9+7+10+10 = 44

Step 3. Divide the Grade Point.

Now divide the added grade points i.e. 44 by 5.

Step 4. Your CGPA will be generated.

Dividing 44 by 5, you will get 8.8, which is your CGPA.

So in this way you too can easily calculate CGPA. Let’s look at how to convert CGPA to a number.

How to get percentage of CGPA

To calculate percentage from CGPA, you generally have to directly multiply the obtained CGPA score by 9.5. Suppose your CGPA is 8.8, then you have to multiply it by 9.5 like- 8.8*9.5 = 83.6% means your class 10th has got 83.6% marks.

If you do not know how to calculate percentage, then definitely read this article ” how to get percentage “.

Difference Between SGPA And CGPA

There is a lot of difference between SGPA and CGPA, about which you have been told through points.

  • CGPA and SGPA are a grading system used by many colleges and universities to assess the academic abilities of students.
  • Both SGPA and CGPA represent the student’s merit in a semester or the entire course that he/she has studied. But in most of the colleges, SGPA is given more importance than CGPA.
  • Sessional or Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) is calculated for a semester or 1 year, while CGPA is calculated for the entire duration of a course.
  • SGPA is Semester Grade Point Average It is calculated by dividing the total credit points obtained by the student in a semester by the total credit marks in that semester. While CGPA is a Cumulative Grade Point Average.


So friends, this was our today’s post, what is CGPA and how to calculate it? Hopefully, you must have understood the complete information about CGPA very well. If you have any problem in how to get percentage, then you must tell us, our team will try its best to solve your problem. If you liked our post, then definitely share it with your friends so that they too can know about how to exit SGPA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the meaning of CGPA?

The full form of CGPA is Cumulative Grade Point Average which is the average of grade points of students excluding additional subjects.

What is the percentage of CGPA 10?

In percentage terms, 10 CGPA is equal to 95%.

How can I calculate percentage with CGPA?

To calculate percentile, multiply the obtained CGPA score by 9.5.

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